Friday, October 10, 2008

XV- Shades of Grey

No more color.

Kansas! I regularly feature Kansas-based hip hop artists but I'm a little behind the curve with XV. Blogs much cooler than There Stands the Glass have been heaping praise on the kid. XV's EPK shoots for ironic but comes uncomfortably close to glorifying the very things he mocks. The video for "Get Fresh", co-starring Seven, isn't much better. Both, however, reveal significant starpower and flashes of brilliance that make it clear that XV is Kansas' next big export.

I'm fascinated by this 1904 video of Kansas City students on a playground. (Found via Tony's Kansas City.)

Kansas City Click: Koufax hit the Czar Bar tonight.

I can waste hours playing the "What's your favorite Randy Newman song" game. The brilliant songwriter will almost certainly play "Sail Away" at the Folly Theater Saturday.

You know, the Renaissance Festival doesn't sound too bad right about now. Sonic Sidhe Tribe perform there Sunday.

(Photo of XV pilfered from his MySpace page.)