Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vast Aire- Why'sdaskyblue


Brooklyn rapper Vast Aire appears at the Record Bar tonight. Although his 2004 album Look Mom... No Hands received only lukewarm reviews, I've always appreciated its somewhat unsettled vibe. The alternately profane and lyrical "Why'sdaskyblue" is deliriously random. Much like Kool Keith, Vast Aire is an unusual character. The blunt-heavy "Painkillers" video by Vast Aire's former group Cannibal Ox offers additional insight into what's on tap tonight.

A revitalized ZZ Top blew my mind last night. I proclaim that they're the best blues band in the world in my review.

Dear Lord! I stumbled into this video while researching ZZ Top's opening act Blackberry Smoke. Something tells me that this disturbing slice of Americana is not an authorized viral ad for Bud Light. I laughed, I cried, I planned to move to Canada.

Kansas City Click: Dave Brubeck opens the Folly Theater's jazz series' new season tonight.

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