Friday, October 17, 2008

Iain Matthews- New Shirt


It was odd at the time and it seems even stranger now.

NBA fans attending a Kansas City Kings game one night in the late '70s were handed copies of an album by British folk rock artist Ian Matthews. I recall being delighted, but I can't imagine that many other people who came to Kemper Arena to see Otis Birdsong and Sam Lacey play would have had any interest in Matthews' music.

I hadn't yet heard of Matthews or his previous bands Fairport Convention (don't miss this primal footage), Matthews Southern Comfort and Plainsong, but I've kept tabs on his career ever since.

Complicating matters, Matthews changed his first name from "Ian" to "Iain" with the release of Pure and Crooked in 1990. It's filled with great songs that are somewhat hampered by an overly polite production. "New Shirt," for instance, could have been a power pop smash in the hands of someone like Marshall Crenshaw or Lindsey Buckingham.

(Incidentally, iTunes lists the song as "New Shift." The mistake is appropriate given Matthews' history of near misses.)

European jazz/electronica artist Marc Moulin died September 26. I have a weakness for grooves like "Into the Dark". (Found via

Kansas City Click: Octarium sing tonight at Visitation Church.

Tickets for Luis Miguel's concert Saturday at the Sprint Center start at $50.

I'd love to see the reactions of the volunteer ushers Sunday at the Folly Theater when Los Lobos starts playing.

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