Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hopeless Destroyers- Trouble


I spend way too much time fretting about the death spiral of jazz. The future of punk rock, however, doesn't worry me a bit. Punk rock will prosper as long as there are angry, disaffected kids who love distorted guitars and loud fast rules. "Trouble" by Hopeless Destroyers provides immediate visceral satisfaction. The Kansas City punks were part of a free show I caught last weekend in a dark alley behind a tattoo parlor. Perfect. (Another band, seemingly nameless, is pictured.)

"I miss the innocence I've known." I never even liked Pale Divine, St. Louis contemporaries of Tupelo/Wilco, yet their excellent new site has me choked up with nostalgia. (Found via the Riverfront Times music blog.)

Hip hop producer Johnny "J" died October 3.

Kansas City Click: Nikka Costa is at the Record Bar tonight.

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