Thursday, October 16, 2008

Johnny Darrell- Come See What's Left of Your Man

Nothing's left.

The only thing better than a drinking song is a hangover song. With its references to the shakes, "Come See What's Left of Your Man" is one of the most extreme examples on record. Bad luck, an alleged obstreperous nature and hard-living habits tagged Johnny Darrell as one of country's original outlaws. There's no reason for fans of Waylon, Willie, Cash and Kris not to own this insanely great collection. It includes the original version of "With Pen In Hand", Darrell's sole big hit.

Say it ain't so, Kanye! You issued my favorite album of 2007. And 2004's The College Dropout almost single-handedly revived my love of hip hop. I'm all for artistic exploration, but I'm sensing that I'm not going to appreciate the electro-pop of 808s & Heartbreak.

Kansas City Click: Broken Social Scene and Land of Talk visit the Beaumont Club tonight.


Russell said...

I'd give Kanye a chance. I like what I've heard so far.

Paul said...


DLC said...

The can of old style is a nice touch! I'd never heard of Johnny Darrell but love a good hangover song. "Hangover Tavern" is a good one too.