Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Ray Brown Trio- Li'l Darlin'

Thanks, Mr. Hefti.

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't realize Neal Hefti was still around in 2008 until I saw his obituary this morning. He was 85. Like every American boy my age, this TV theme song composed by Hefti is part of my DNA. As an ostensibly mature Kansas Citian, I now recognize that Hefti's greatest contribution may be the Count Basie staple "Li'l Darlin'." This relaxed, elastic arrangement of the gorgeous ballad was performed in 1988 by bass legend Ray Brown, pianist Gene Harris and drummer Jeff Hamilton. It's available on Live At the Loa.

I'll keep my opinion of the tour vlog of Mac Lethal and Grieves to myself.

Kansas City Click: The freakin' Flobots play a free show on the Power & Light stage tonight. Great... now I'm going to have to chant "A Milli" for a few minutes until their earworm of a hit crawls out of my noggin.

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