Monday, November 27, 2006

Tanya Tucker- Danger Ahead

Danger averted.

Excuse me while I play A&R man. Often overshadowed by her status as one of the most sexually provocative artists in country music is the fact that Tanya Tucker has a fantastic voice. It's become even more distinctive with age. I propose that a savvy producer- someone like Joe Henry, Jack White or Pete Lubin- place Tucker in a rootsy, blues-based setting. A new sound along the lines of early Lucinda Williams or the latest Bettye Lavette album could turn her career around, especially if it was released on a label with the right cachet, say Anti or Rounder. This song from Can't Run From Yourself is absurdly overproduced but it still hints at what might be possible. Of course, Tucker would have to be convinced of the project's worthiness. But it's been almost ten years since she's had a hit record. Something tells me she'd be game.

Need a little cross-cultural beauty? This clip by Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina covering Damien Rice is pretty spectacular.


Corky said...

You speak the truth on Tanya. She's an undervalued talent that has never been able to shake the Nashville machine. She could use some creative production and some challenging songs. She needs something to wash away the sight of her at the 2000 Republican convention.

Happy In Bag said...

Corky- I don't recall that, nor was I hip to Tanya's reality television show until after I posted. But get this- I've heard rumors that my concept generated some interest among people who can make this happen. Keep your fingers crossed.