Friday, November 24, 2006

Anita O'Day- When Sunny Gets Blue

Goodbye, Anita.

Jazz singer Anita O'Day has died. She was 87. I'll always associate her with the film Jazz On a Summer's Day. The concert document floored me when I first encountered it on PBS. I didn't know that such a rarified world existed. I've never attended a musical event as swanky as this. I Get a Kick Out of You, recorded in1975, features pianist Ronnell Bright, a gracious man who spent several years in Kansas City in the '80s and '90s. O'Day sounds quite relaxed here.

Beloved Kansas City jazz man Art Jackson has also died.

Minutes after I reported on the Hold Steady's current opening act in my previous post, I received an email from the Secretly Canadian label relaying the news that primitive pop band Catfish Haven are also on the bill. While it's very good news, a three-band bill significantly increases the length of the potentially massive night.


Anonymous said...

To hear several random selections from Anita O'Day's almost 70 year recording
career please visit Yahoo Group
BillieHoliday_And_The_Disciples_Of_Swing where there is a pretty
spectacular tribute to Anita taking place.

moose & squirrel said...

Where do I begin? As I've posted before, it seems as if this blog is as much a tribute to the departed as much as it is a wonderful resource to hear old favorites and discover artists I've yet encountered.

But when I heard Art Jackson died, who I have not seen in years, it tore me up. Years ago I chatted with him many a time and he was so gracious to me. He was the tops and he could really play when his spirit was high or even when it was low.

Anita, both Robert Altman and Robert Jr too, may peace be with you.

As an Agnostic it is hard for me to understand where souls might go after leaving life on Earth. All I know is I have been lucky to have been exposed to so much greatness in this life of mine. Come Xmas Eve this year I turn 54 and I will say grace in a way only I can understand.

My friend, I have no idea the numbers who visit this blog, but I hope your passion for it continues on for many moons.

Your pal,