Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Beny More- Soy Del Monte

No mas.

I don't think I could name an artist who better explemplifies zestful exuberance through his music than Beny More. We could all use a little more of this brilliant Cuban's sound in our lives. This compilation seems to be out of print, but I'm sure most of these are great.

Mogwai hurt my ears. Permanently. I was "working" one of their concerts a few years ago and couldn't leave the auditorium. Caught without earplugs, the Scots caused severe damage from which I never fully recovered. Listen to their new collaboration with the Kronos Quartet here.

The Hold Steady get another chance to kill me two weeks from tonight. Sybris is the opening band, and luckily, they sound nothing like my favorite rock band. Here's a video for the Cure- influenced band.

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