Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rickie Lee Jones- Rebel Rebel

It's a lost cause.

The timing seems right for a Rickie Lee Jones revival. Cat Power, Jolie Holland and Damien Rice are among the new generation of artists that are clearly influenced by Jones. The beatnik chick just signed with New West. While not my favorite song on the overlooked Traffic From Paradise from 1993, Jones' Bowie cover with Brian Setzer on guitar is the best song not included on her three disc retrospective.

I handled the new Zune MP3 player at a retailer today. Like others have reported, it's big and thick (bad) but boasts a large screen (good). While I didn't dislike the Zune's feel, it lacks the oddly satisfying sense of touch offered by iPods.

My review of Sunday's Black Label Society concert is here.


Anonymous said...

It's a great album. I love the fact that she collaborated with Leo Kottke. "Running from Mercy" is one of the songs I want to be played at my funeral.

What did you think of RLJ's album Ghostyhead? That was one strange career move.

Happy In Bag said...

Yeah, she's one wacky gal. But that's part of what makes her so brilliant. I saw that she was a headliner at a few California blues festivals this past summer. I wonder how that went...