Friday, November 03, 2006

Mardo- Bombs Over Broadway


I love rock'n'roll. I don't mean the smarts of The Hold Steady, or the pioneering work of Carl Perkins, although I dearly love those, too. I'm referring instead to unironic mainstream rock exemplified by early Aerosmith. I was truly thrilled to see the top dogs in the genre, Buckcherry, last week. But their show wasn't nearly as good as Mardo's sweat-soaked performance in a local club a couple months ago. Sure, "Bombs Over Broadway" rips riffs from Bon Jovi, Mott the Hoople and Def Leppard, but try to suspend your critical faculties and embrace the rock. There's a reason I'm posting this on a Friday. More Mardo is here.

I know very little about the late South African vocalist Lebo Mathosa. This site offers an intriguing Euro-pop song from the striking woman's former band. She died in a car accident last month.

I saw Ozomatli for the second time last night. You could easily make the case for them being the world's best party band.

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