Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jodie Christian- All the Things You Are

Those things are no more.

Bassist Larry Gray was one of the reasons Ramsey Lewis' show last Saturday was so impressive. His tone is gorgeous. You get a sense of that on this early '90s date. The following little tale doesn't really have much to do with music, but I'll share it anyway. A friend and I once took dates to a Jodie Christian performance at Pops For Champagne in Chicago. My pal was a regular at the upscale jazz bistro, so he ordered the first bottle of champagne. He and his woman left after the second bottle of the same wine was drained. Feeling giddy and in the thrall of Christian, I said I'd take care of the bill. My date and I ordered one last bottle. Only when the check arrived did I discover we'd been drinking $75 bottles of booze! That still hurts.

In acknowledgement of the passing of film director Robert Altman, here's a nice clip related to the jazz aspect of Kansas City.

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