Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jim Lauderdale- My Last Request

The dance is over.

Perseverance pays. Jim Lauderdale has been kicking around for years and only lately is he being widely recognized as one of country music's great talents. This weeper closes his out-of-print 1991 debut album. You might be wondering about that white strip of paper across the cover. Reprise stapled a bounce-back card to the CD insert. Among the questions: "What music television shows do you watch regularly?" The choices include Nashville Now, Hee Haw and Arsenio Hall.

Peter Hammill completely blew my impressionable pubescent mind with Nadir's Big Chance. It was the perfect bridge between prog and punk. A fan made a pretty good video of one of its most notable songs here.

I spend a lot of time in retail stores for one of my jobs. And the Christmas music kicked in this week. Most of the selections are so obvious, predictable and played out that when I heard a few songs yesterday from a Jethro Tull album I didn't even know existed I considered it an early present. And I don't even care for Tull. Lord help me.

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Don't Need Anything said...

in the store that i worked at this morning i was assaulted by jessica simpson and garth brooks christmas music. ugggh...this is gonna be a long month and a half.