Monday, November 20, 2006

Ta-Shma- Voice of My Beloved

The voice is silenced.

The key to enjoying Ta-Shma is to eliminate any thoughts of Matisyahu. Yeah, he's a guest on the new release Come Listen, and there are indeed plenty of similarities between the new acts. But Ta-Shma calls itself "Hasidic Hip-Hop"- not "Hasidic reggae"- at their MySpace account. The intriguing work by eclectic clarinetist Andy Statman on this song of faith makes Ta-Shma wholly unique.

I saw Ramsey Lewis Saturday night; my review is here. I've also rediscovered his funk album Sun Goddess. Even at this late date, it sounds amazing.

I wonder if I'm the only person on the planet who will buy the new releases from Tupac Shakur and the Beatles tomorrow?


moose & squirrel said...

I am buying neither but I am enjoying the free stream of the Beatles at their official Web site.


Lee said...

Lots of people buy things for their grandparents this time of year. ;)

WhatsRightIsRight said...

ever hear of a little thing called copyrights? Why are you linking to this song for free, help support artists and PAY for music.

- A friend of the Ta Shma group.

Happy In Bag said...

Friend of Ta-Shma- Yours is the first complaint I've ever received. The MP3 is gone.

DJK said...

theyre really good upcomin artists man! u cant steal their stuff. it just aint right. plus their pretty good.