Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vince Bell- Poetry, Texas

Buy your own ticket.

I finally saw the documentary about Townes Van Zandt last night. Be Here To Love Me is even better than I'd hoped. I was especially pleased that it was brave enough to dig into the Tomato Records saga. Rather than feature something from Our Mother The Mountain, I'll point my anemic little spotlight on another shamefully neglected Texas songwriter. Like his old running buddy Townes, Vince Bell writes brilliant open-ended songs, although Bell is more musical and slightly less miserable. This deceptively simple ode is from 1999's Texas Plates, but I suggest starting with the terrifying Phoenix. Buy them directly from the man here.

The big news in Cowtown is that Doris Henson will play their last show Friday night.

I'd hoped to catch Cory Branan tonight, but it looks like real life is going to get in the way.

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DJ Little Danny said...

Howdy Happy in Bag, I've been on a big Townes Van Zandt kick in 2006.

He was actually a sort of musical revelation for me, and the first real singer-songwriter - a grouping of artists that I've previously & unfairly dismissed en masse - to work his way into my consciousness. I've since been on the look out for others, especially other Texans, so the Vince Bell track is much appreciated.

I also really enjoyed Be Here To Love Me (the TVZ documentary), and broke down and bought it on DVD - it really holds up, even after repeated viewings.

(Thanks for the O.N. plug, too!)