Monday, October 09, 2006

Dillard Hartford Dillard- Bear Creek Hop

The creek dried up.

The Dillards morphed from a family bluegrass band into hippie-oriented pickers during their long time together. They found a palatable balance between these disparate worlds on this 1977 date with John Hartford. The ride between county fairs, the Andy Griffith show, an Elton John tour and Branson has a long strange trip for the Missouri boys.

I saw The Thermals open for Cursive last night. Their update on the Undertones/Buzzcocks/Ramones sound, as filtered through the K Records philosophy, is unspeakably refreshing. Download the bracing "Pillar of Salt" from their latest album here.

Buck O'Neil was prone to breaking out in song during his many public appearances. He was a fine baseball player and an even greater man. Along with the rest of Kansas City, I'll miss him terribly.

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