Monday, October 02, 2006

Coleman Hawkins- Have You Met Miss Jones?

Miss Jones is not receiving visitors.

This is why I think Coleman Hawkins is jazz's greatest saxophonist. Even after turning the jazz world upside down with his revolutionary pre-war work, Hawkins never stopped looking forward. He incorporates the new vocabulary of the recently deceased Charlie Parker on this 1956 date. And Hawkins' salacious tone when he enters this sappy arrangement suggests that he's done much more than simply meet Miss Jones. His second solo at the ninety-second mark is much tougher. This 1986 compilation doesn't seem to exist anywere but in my own collection, but this disc has the same title and is on the same label, even if the cover art and track selection are slightly different.

I recommend the brief reviews Steve Wilson has posted at his store's site. Steve may be the only guy in the world who manages to be both more knowledgeable and crankier than me.

My review of The Stillborn's final concert is here.

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