Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Antonio Carlos Jobim- Sucedeu Assim

Go get this gem.

I’ve seen next to no attention paid to one of 2006's most significant releases. Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Inedito (The Unknown) was recorded in 1987 and until now had never been released in North America. The Brazilian giant was sixty years old with nothing left to prove and the sessions are refreshingly relaxed. Jobim revisits a few big hits like “Wave” and “Garota de Ipanema” and offers a few new selections. Several songs swoon decidedly into lounge mode, but even in its cheesiest moments Inedito is impossibly groovy. Jobim mostly employs conventionally attractive voices, such as the wonderful Danilo Caymmi but he plays unaccompanied on this wistful track. It’s so intimate that his breathing becomes a second instrument. Many such moments are captured on Inedito's seventy minutes of sheer beauty.

After seeing The Afterparty perform Friday night, I wrote that their music sounds as if the Rolling Stones had retired to Nashville thirty years ago. Translating my own code, I'm suggesting that their decadent, druggy country-blues are well worth further investigation.

"Healing," the single from soul giant Kelly Price's new gospel album, moves me. Follow the link for genuine spiritual comfort.

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