Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Junior Byles- Got the Tip

Bad tip.

You may be familiar with reggae star's Junior Byles' biggest hit "Curly Locks." This superlative collection has three versions, including the one you know. "Got the Tip," also recorded in the early '70s, references "Curly Locks" in its first line before addressing a myriad of topics, including gambling at the track. Yes, it's the spiritual predecessor to The Hold Steady's "Chips Ahoy!" Even though Lee Perry's splicing is pretty sloppy at this juncture, this stuff is the greatest.

I call out Jolie Holland here. I appreciate the mighty Motorhead here. And in the category of defying expectations, James Blunt's live show really impressed me. My confession is here.

"One Day At a Time" no more. Songwriter Marijohn Wilkin has died. So has Brazilian arranger Rogerio Duprat.

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