Friday, October 20, 2006

The Gadjits- One Stones Throw From a Riot

No more stones.

I've previously confessed my devotion to the Phillips brothers. Sandwiched between their ska days and their current incarnation as contenders for the punk rock champion belt held by Green Day, they went through a Maximum R&B phase. This mighty blast from 2002 would have pleased Joe Strummer.

Speaking of honest bands with true rock'n'roll hearts, The Hold Steady made a video for "Chips Ahoy!" It's mildly amusing, and I trust that they'll do the right thing and not give faces to Holly, Charlemagne and the other characters in their epic song cycle.

New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies had an incalculable impact on me when I bought it as a new release in 1983. I'm really put off when I hear its opening track, "Age of Consent," in the trailer for the new film Marie Antoinette. It's just not right.

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