Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bracket- Warren's Song Pt. 11

Warren went.

I have nothing against Fall Out Boy and similar bands that rule the pop-punk universe. I sing along to the hits just like every other good American boy. It rankles me, though, that a band like Bracket can get lost in the mix. A concept record that lands somewhere between Queen's A Night At the Opera and Weezer's Blue Album, Bracket's Requiem should have been received as such when it was released in January. Maybe Takeover Records could repackage it as a "lost' Cheap Trick album.

There's good news for fans of grimy bars and late night debauchery in Cowtown. My pal Jason broke the story.

I don't care who owns YouTube as long as I can continue to watch things like this Bettye LaVette clip at will.

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