Wednesday, October 04, 2006

George S. Clinton- End Credits: Wild Things

The wild dance is over.

Most pople likely remember the 1998 suspense film Wild Things for its memorable sex scene. Adding to the movie's sensuality is a great score by George S. Clinton (not the funk legend). Every musical film noir cliche is seemingly employed on these end credits- ominous bass, sultry sax, propulsive drums, string crescendos and twangy guitar- yet it's highly effective. I can't promise that listening to this music will magically conjure aroused starlets, but it will make you feel like such an encounter is imminent.

I'm captivated by the charming version of "Up the Junction" on Chris Difford's new album. The MySpace account of the former Squeeze man offers additional recent music.

The outstanding Soul Sides blog referenced Office Naps in a recent entry. This guy uncovers obscure garage rock, Bollywood, oddball jazz and other rare revelations.

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