Friday, January 08, 2010

The Straubs- Will the Opry Ever Know My Name

Long live The Straubs.

I'm not going lie. I salvaged this autographed album from a used bargain bin with the sole intent of mocking its excruciatingly awful cover art. Dig those bellbottom jumpsuits! Check out those awkward smiles! And how about that hair! It doesn't get much worse than this. But the self-referential aspirational song "Will the Opry Ever Know My Name" mutes my meanness. The "small town boy from Kansas" didn't make it. There's a reason. The undated album is pretty pedestrian. The Straubs do a disco sendup of "Orange Blossom Special," suck all of the soul out of "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain" and offer a faithful cover of "Crackers," perhaps the worst hit of all time. Aside from this post, there's not even a trace of their existence online. "The Straubs just won't be happy until the Opry learns our names." I'm so, so sorry, Straubs.

Based on everything I've heard and seen, I truly hope that Lil Wayne's repeatedly delayed rock album never sees the light of day. Love you, Weezy, but Nickelback isn't the ideal band to use as your blueprint.

Kansas City Click: Allen Toussaint is at the Folly Theater on Friday.

The Jazz Winterlude festival continues at JCCC on Saturday.

I'm told that the Sam Wiseman Group, which includes Matt Otto, Seth Lee and T.J.Martley, will perform Sunday at the Record Bar. They'll pay tribute to Lennie Tristano.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for the never-made-it types too. Its hard to mock somebody who is giving it their all-- even if they are wearing polyester jumpsuits. As for Weezy I hope to be pleasantly surprised. He's on such a roll. If nothing else props for trying something different.