Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carl Smith, 1927-2010


Carl Smith died January 16. This obituary examines his rich life and tremendous musical contributions. At least a dozen of the twenty songs on this budget compilation are life-affirmingly brilliant. Just buy it already. (The CD is out of print, so the MP3 version will have to do unless you want to pay a collector's premium.) And don't overlook this song's message. "You've got to laugh and dance and sing..."

Things didn't go particularly well at Aaron Lewis' concert Sunday. Here's my review.

Here's a story about Shae Lee. I've seen the eleven-year-old perform. The kid does a mean Tina Turner.

Kansas City Click: I hope to hit William Sanders' recital Tuesday at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas. Details are here.


Anonymous said...


The DLC said...

How have I never heard of Carl Smith before? Good stuff and great guitar playing in that tune.

Happy In Bag said...

As I suggest, DLC, there's much more where that came from. And here's a fun fact- he's Carlene Carter's pop.

bigsteveno said...

I agree with the first comment.

Happy In Bag said...

Ha! I'm too afraid to have that spam translated, Steve.