Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Remy Zero- Motorcycle

Rode away.

Remy Zero was a nice little band. Minor hits like "Gramarye" still sound good. Album tracks like "Motorcycle" sound better still. Both are on the superb 1998 album Villa Elaine. Drummer Gregory Slay died January 1.

Rowland S Howard of the Birthday Party died December 30.

I realize this is meaningless coming from a grown man who continues to champion "Party In the U.S.A." , but if Ke$ha's domination of 2010 continues I might not make it past February.

Kansas City Click: I forgot about Bobby Rush as I made my best shows of the decade list. He and Vickie Baker bring their incredibly entertaining show to Knuckleheads tonight.


Rick in PV said...

Don't feel bad about "Party in the USA," Hib. I still like "MMM-Bop" by Hanson! The choices made by Lou Whitney of the Morells convinced me to be unashamed about what I like, musically speaking, anyway.

Happy In Bag said...

Hanson rocks!