Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Preston Shannon- Take Your Time

Time's up.

Willie Mitchell died yesterday. I'm sure that dozens of bloggers are paying tribute to Mitchell by featuring tracks by Al Green, Ann Peebles and O.V. Wright. And that's as it should be. Popular music doesn't get much better. Yet Mitchell never stopped working. He even had a regional Southern soul hit in the mid-90s with Preston Shannon's "The Clock." It's from Midnight in Memphis, a fine album that was co-produced by Mitchell and recorded in Mitchell's studio. Mitchell co-wrote "The Clock" and "Take Your Time," the track featured here. Thanks, Mr. Mitchell.

Marva Whitney is recovering at home in Kansas City, Kansas, after suffering a stroke in Australia. Here's a new MySpace blog post.

There Stands the Glass favorites Blind Pilot have issued a new live EP.

Jason Harper's final column as music editor of The Pitch is must-reading for Kansas City music fans.

My friend Chris makes suggestions on what to do in Kansas City this weekend.

Kansas City Click: Olympic Size are scheduled to play The Bulldog Wednesday.

Elaine McMillian corrals a bunch of singer-songwriters Thursday at the Czar Bar.


bgo said...

Are you applying to be Mr. Harper's replacement? Does it pay well enough? You'd be the best available in the gene pool here.

Happy In Bag said...

I appreciate the endorsement, BGO. I did not apply. Nor did they contact me.