Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Will Bernard Trio- Hall of Science


I spend a lot of time trying to divine the future of jazz. Does the music belong to Wynton Marsalis? Is it all up to Roy Hargrove? Or is it in the hands of noisy but groove-oriented guys like Will Bernard and his some-time collaborator Charlie Hunter? The guitarist has a new release on Palmetto Records. Directions To My House is a self-released project from 2005. "Hall of Science" shows that Bernard works in a slightly different stream than Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot. This murky video with Bernard, Stanton Moore and Lonnie Smith might provide additional answers to these questions.

When I excitedly sent an audio link of "Lip Gloss" to a few of my pals several months ago they told me I was foolish to assert that the song- little more than a beat and a playground chant- would be one of the biggest songs of the year. It's currently #10 on Billboard's Top 100. On the other hand, I can't believe that his record company allowed Chris Brown to release the horrendous Wall To Wall. What a self-absorbed mess!

Kansas City Click: Blowfly is at the Record Bar tonight? No disrespect, but I didn't realize he was even alive. Sure enough, here's a live fan video from 2005. The Pornhuskers (NSFW) are the ideal opening act.

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