Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rodney Crowell- I Wish It Would Rain


Rodney Crowell plays a free concert in Olathe, Kansas, Friday night. I know from attending previous events in the series that hundreds of people walk over from nearby houses. I suspect that many will be in for a surprise when they encounter the increasingly politicized Crowell. If he's feeling particularly contrary, Crowell might sing this devastating song about a male prostitute for the suburban audience. Crowell, one of the greatest living country-based songwriters, has never been more artistically relevant. The Houston Kid, released in 2001, might even be his best album. Here's a video of a live performance of the same song.

A generous soul has uploaded 156 78s to YouTube. There's a lot of European stuff that's brand new to me.

Kansas City Click: Mavis Staples' tour in support of We'll Never Turn Back comes to the Folly Theater tonight.


jonderneathica said...

Great Crowell record, especially his tribute to Johnny Cash. I once saw Rodney perform a wonderful version of "Respect Yourself", a song that he said gained great significance for him while he was in rehab.

Happy In Bag said...

He's had quite a life. Unfortunately, his Friday night show was canceled due to bad weather.