Monday, June 18, 2007

Denyce Graves- Dido & Aeneas


I return with a cleansed palate. And while I have no intention of curating an opera blog, I can't help but share this devastating slice of beauty. Henry Purcell's dramatic composition with Denyce Graves' rich voice just floors me. I would propose that this piece be played at my funeral, but my passing surely won't merit such divine elegance. Everything on Voce di Donna is similarly lustrous.

While on vacation, I submitted to the music tastes of my companions- Joss Stone, the Rolling Stones, jazz "mood" compilations, generic Colorado jam bands and High School Musical were in heavy rotation. I did spend some time exploring the radio dial. I came across a AAA station that's far less jam-oriented than its site suggests. They aired Little Milton, the Replacements, Elvis Costello and Linda Thompson in the brief time I monitored them.

Kansas City Click: It's been a while since I made note of the weekly Rural Grit jam session at the Brick. I'm still working up the courage to present my interpretation of Nashville Skyline.

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