Monday, June 04, 2007

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez- Extra


Two eerily similar shows are in my town tonight. Both song-oriented concerts pair a pretty, lush-voiced woman with a gritty young man. The biggest difference between the two events isn't music; it's the price. The few remaining tickets for Norah Jones and M. Ward at the Music Hall start at $50.00. It costs $13.00 to get into Knuckleheads for Carrie Rodriguez and Tim Easton. Rodriguez first attracted attention nationally through her work with Chip Taylor. This bawdy song is from the duo's Let's Leave This Town. Rodriguez may not ever achieve Jones' level of success; it's much more likely that Jones will be playing similar roadhouses twenty years from now.

Ziggy Stardust has nothing on Edgar Winter. He has to be the most physically striking rock star ever. I took this photo of Winter over the weekend as he cranked out "Frankenstein." You really need to experience this video.

Kansas City Click: Details on tonights Rodriguez/Easton show are here.


Bruce said...

Re: the Frankenstein video: Sacre freakin' bleu! What a workout! Thanks for the link.

bgo said...

Dude (gawd I hate that word, but in a nod to the times),

I saw Edgar do this when it was first out and Ronnie Montrose was on guitar. They opened up for West, Bruce & Laing. It was a loud, memorable night.


Happy In Bag said...

Bruce- I'm glad to hear that it's not just me...

BGO- You know, I've never heard a note by that particular collective (WB&L), although I'm obviously familiar with their contributions elsewhere. I've been afraid to tune in...