Monday, June 25, 2007

J Mascis & The Fog- Tell the Truth

The truth was told.

I'm pleased to see that Dinosaur Jr are making a well-deserved victory lap, and I look forward to hearing Beyond, which was released on April 30. During the band's hiatus. J Mascis continued refining the band's sound on solo albums like the out-of-print Free So Free from 2002. "Tell the Truth" contains the key elements- Mascis' exhausted whine hiding behind the monolithic guitar sound that merges the Ramones and Boston.

Arturo Sandoval brought the funk to the most unlikely of places Saturday night. My review is here. I write nice things about Friday's smooth jazz show here.

Kansas City Click: I mocked Shurman in this space a few weeks ago. While I'll stand by my claim that they're entirely derivative, that doesn't mean that the country-rock band isn't very good at what they do. And given the right set of circumstances, Shurman is more than capable of delivering rock'n'roll salvation every time they plug in. The hard-touring band is at Mike's Tavern tonight.


Don't Need Anything said...

i wanted SO BAD to get out and see arturo saturday night but my friends all refuse to go see jazz. my friends suck.

Happy In Bag said...

As my review indicates, DNA, it wasn't even a jazz concert. It was more like the coolest club in Miami at 3 a.m. With friends like that...