Thursday, June 07, 2007

Elvis Crespo- Mi Sol, Mi Luna


I love most of the music blogs linked in the right column of this page. It's only natural that several are curated by guys who share my general sensibilities. The most valuable sites, however, inform and educate me about areas in which I'm not expert. La Onda Tropical is among this group. The site has recently spotlighted the new release by merengue vocalist Elvis Crespo. In typically measured but enthusiastic fashion, the site notes that while Crespo's new single is even more shamelessly pop-oriented than ever, it's nonetheless excellent. Here's rough video evidence. If only all music writing was so open-minded and receptive to commercial sounds. This is an impeccable dance vehicle from Crespo's Wow Flash.

When Jason at The Pitch asked me to name my favorite summer songs- both current and old- I quickly responded with a childhood favorite and Rich Boy's smash hit. My selections better anyone's save area raconteur Brandon Phillips' picks. They're listed here.

Kansas City Click: It's opening day for this year's massive Wakarusa festival. It's awfully warm outside...


Rod... said...

... one of the seductive things about the internet is the viral unpredictability... just surfed over and found this sublime track: Elvis Crespo... which will point me in new directions... thanks!

bgo said...

Summer songs?

I am old, okay? That'll tell ya where my ken of this has its beginning, middle, and ultimate end:

Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly & The Family Stone.

For many of us who were teens in the late 1960's, this song resonates all through the following years and falls bittersweetly down through the ether to us now. Read some history for context and perhaps you'll understand how this magical bit of recorded sound works on levels still to be revealed.

Chapín said...

I could not be flattered more. Thanks a lot. The love is mutual :)

Chapín said...

Should that be "more flattered"? English can be so damn hard..