Monday, February 01, 2010

One Hundred Percent Grind


Nothing much happened at the KC Music Forum at a community center in Swope Park on January 23. That's the good news.

There's little love lost between the rival factions of Kansas City's hip hop community. Guys from the '50s, for instance, detest the Wyandotte crowd. Backpackers don't get along with Landmark Records artists. There's one thing, however, these disparate groups can all agree on- KPRS isn't doing them any favors.

That's why about 150 people met to mull over their options with representatives of the radio station. The conclusions they came to were asinine- act like a professional, respectfully service DJs and maintain a "one hundred percent grind."

It's probably a good thing no one asked me to contribute. I was itching to question the business acumen of an artist who arrived at the conference in a customized wrapped van when he hadn't even bothered to create an internet presence.

James Christos, the man pictured here in black shirt and cap, recently released a politically incorrect ode to KPRS. Here are my goofy notes on a Christos performance from 2009.

Last night's awards broadcast was weak. Between live blogging, instant messaging and Twitter, however, I've never had more fun watching the Grammys.

Kansas City Click: Craig Akin leads a jam session Monday at the Blue Room.

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