Friday, February 19, 2010

Kevin Head- Digby Lament

No more crying.

Shame on me. I fell for yesterday's hoax about Gordon Lightfoot. I even repeated the awful ruse on Twitter. Please consider this post an act of penance. I salvaged this forgotten government-sponsored Canadian album from a cutout bin only because the (late) Kate McGarrigle plays banjo on the side featuring Kevin Head. The other half highlights Bill Garrett. Both folkies sound as if they've listened to plenty of Lightfoot and Ian Tyson.

I find this hopelessly wonky jazz think piece by Ethan Iverson fascinating.

Jason Parker was awarded a grant to cover Nick Drake. (Tip via AZ.)

I don't know how much longer Amazon will have it available as a free download, but I suggest nabbing Velma Cross' Ruth Brown-inspired nugget. It's pulled from this new compilation.

Adorable or annoying? Here's Megan Birdsall's latest vlog. (Personal to Megan: neither of your two publicists has ever contacted me.)

Kansas City Click: The first time I met with Hermon Mehari of Diverse I suggested that he and his forward-thinking jazz band should play rock clubs. I'm pleased to see that Diverse is featured at the Czar Bar's dinner show on Friday.

Mount Righteous, featured in the previous There Stands the Glass post, play the Brick on Saturday.

Local music documentary 72 Musicians will be screened Sunday at the Screenland Armour Theater. The Caves and Olympic Size will be on hand.

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