Friday, February 12, 2010

Keef Hartley Band- Me and My Woman

Off to bed.

I wrote a glowing review of a Gov't Mule concert this week. It didn't please anyone. Advocates of the band are upset that I failed canonize guitarist Warren Haynes. And jam band critics were outraged by my praise.

I understand the jam band sensibility and the appeal of white boy blues. American Beauty is part of my DNA. And I was catching Stevie Ray Vaughan in clubs well before Texas Flood was recorded. In that realm, however, I'm especially affectionate of the post-John Mayall and Long John Baldry acts. Their number includes Keef Hartley.

I liked Battle of North West Six even before I heard it. Rescued from a dollar bin in the '80s, the 1969 pressing boasts a thick slab of vinyl and insightful liner notes. Like many of his peers, Hartley combined his love of Chicago blues with jazz elements and touches of English folk music.

Warren Haynes probably digs it too.

Kansas City Click: Mikal Shapiro sings Friday at Davey's Uptown.

Don't be a hater. Bowling For Soup is a great live band. They squeeze into the Record Bar on Saturday.

Shay Estes croons at Jardine's on Valentine's Day.

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