Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shellshag- Resilient Bastard

Resilient no more.

Brooklyn duo Shellshag combine the unrefined pop elements of the Ramone's debut album with the noisy drone of Sonic Youth's Evol. Raw and joyous, Shellshag is a genuine rock'n'roll band. It's only natural, consequently, that I really like their new album Rumors In Disguise. "Resilient Bastard" is fantastic but the songs delivered by drummer Shag are even more appealing. Here's the video.

How improbable is it that the #9 song on the country charts commemorates the death of basketball star and smooth jazz musician Wayman Tisdale?

What would you do if you knew you were about to go to jail? If you're Lil Wayne, you make nine music videos in 48 hours.

Kansas City Click: Mark Lowrey plays piano Wednesday at The Majestic.

Knuckleheads plays host to The Greencards on Thursday.

(Photo of Shellshag by Too Much Rock.)


bgo said...

Not improbable at all unless one has a problem with TK being classified as country. I know Toby's publicist and from how I've been informed, he is not what many perceive him to be. Waymon and him were both Okies and were really tight friends. There you have it.

Happy In Bag said...

Huh. That explains a lot. Thanks, BGO.