Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: James Christos at the Riot Room

Like a traumatized man who delays disclosing an alien abduction incident because he's unsure of exactly what transpired, I've put off coming clean about an out-of-body experience I had last month at the Riot Room.

A transcendent performance by James Christos blew my mind. Alcohol was involved, so I'm still not entirely sure what happened. Thankfully, documentation of the event exists. I took the pictures posted here and there's a brief video of the show. I was so enthralled with Christos' manic "Punk Rap" that I was devastated when he said his allotted time had ended.

The audience booed as a group of musicians began to crowd Christos off the stage. What jerks! Christos asked the guys if they'd riff behind him during his closing song. They complied. It quickly became apparent that it was a prearranged setup. Christos fiercely rhymed with the backing of the rock band for another fifteen minutes. It was an entrancing surprise.

Why bring this up now? Christos returns to the Riot Room tonight for the Black Clover pre-party.

George Harrison fans need to hear the new three-song A Mystic's Robe EP by Ghosty.

I'm reluctant to risk losing my status as Bob Dylan's 43,501st biggest fan, but I have to point out that the sound of his new Christmas album is beyond perverse. Seriously, it sounds as if he's groaning over a backing track that was originally intended for Regis Philbin.

I never listened to Peter, Paul and Mary albums so much as I was subjected to them. Still, this reading of "Early Morning Rain" sounds pretty great right now. Mary Travers died yesterday.

I developed an even deeper loathing of the nouveau-hippie scene when I saw Karl Denson's Tiny Universe perform last summer. Still, their new album is really good. (Tip from AZ.)

A Pavement reunion? I'm there.

Kansas City Click: Allegedly, Biz Markie appears on the Power & Light stage Thursday.

The Black Clover party continues at the Riot Room on Friday.

I like Buckcherry. There- I said it. They're at the Beaumont Saturday.

Dave Stephens returns to Jardine's Sunday.

(Original images of James Christos by There Stands the Glass.)


Harper said...

Who was the band behind Christos? I totally missed that. With Toon vs. Lowrey and D/Will vs. Seume, that makes three collaborations between rappers and musicians that took place that night. Righteous.

Happy In Bag said...

It's all a little fuzzy, Harper. But the guys were great actors- I totally bought into the ruse.

That was a massive night. Thanks for putting it together.

My only regret is buying the vodka special that the Beaumont was pushing that night.