Friday, September 25, 2009

Review: Motorhead

I like to bodysurf for hours on end when I make it out to the Pacific Ocean. It's a liberating experience for this Kansan. Inevitably, however, I'm distracted by something on the beach and a rogue wave takes me under.

I'm flipped topsy-turvy and my head is repeatedly battered against the ocean bed. I know that I must find the surface to survive but a malicious undertow holds me under.

When I finally crawl back to the shore my ears are ringing and I'm vomiting seawater. It's excruciating but exhilarating.

Full immersion in a Motorhead concert is much the same. It's like a painful ritual cleansing. Thursday night at the Midland Theater was no different.

Because the Star and the Pitch have great reviews and incredible photos, I'm posting this shot of the lobby. The sight of metal fans in the lush confines of the Midland always amuses me. Incidentally, the frantic crush of angry fans at the narrow door to the smoking area provided my first genuine scare at a concert in a couple years.

Some people get colon cleansings. I go to Motorhead concerts.

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Harper said...

Thanks for the link! I'm not surprised I didn't run into you - place was chock full o' nuts. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the overserved boogan sitting in a throne-like chair downstairs puking into a plastic bag while the paramedics looked on, laughing.

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, but I certainly saw you, Harper. Were you struck in the back of the head by a half-full beer cup? That was just my way of acknowledging your presence. I'll be at the Pistol tonight for HoD if you'd like to return the favor.