Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: Crossroads Music Fest

Maybe, just maybe, Kansas City is ready to host a major music festival. That was my thought after a full night of fun at Saturday's wonderful Crossroads Music Fest. Over two dozen local acts performed on five stages within steps of one another. If expanded to a three-mile radius, dozens of existing stages would be available to accommodate musicians from around the world. Why not have a SXSW or CMJ in KC?

Of the eleven acts I witnessed, five were particularly noteworthy:

1. Makuza- I'd only seen the self-described "Afro-Cuban, funk and jazz" act in jazz settings, so their electrifying set at Crosstown Station was a revelation. Alas, no one asked me to dance...

2. The ACBs- Could they really be worthy of comparison to Dwight Twilley and Matthew Sweet? They were on Saturday.

3. Hearts of Darkness- The de facto Fela tribute band provided the soundtrack to a joyous celebration.

4. The Pornhuskers- You've heard of the Sex Pistols? These knuckleheads could be called the Sex Idiots. Good times.

5. Quixotic- The performance ensemble isn't my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean I can't be awed by their incredible presentation. Hey, PBS! Quixotic are your next fund drive superstars.

I was so turned off by all the professional photographers fighting for position in front of every stage that I didn't touch my point-and-click Kodak. (This is a photo I snapped at a Hammerlord show earlier this year.) The outstanding work of Michael Forester and Lucas Hutmacher captures the night for posterity.

Regular readers of There Stands the Glass know that I've long harbored strong opinions about Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kanye West. I'll say no more in this forum only because I'm terrified of Satan's minions "Team Taylor."

Kansas City Click: Hammerlord (pictured here) opens for Static X Tuesday at the Beaumont.

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