Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jim Carroll, 1950-2009


Jim Carroll might have saved my life. I was going through the obligatory Burroughs/Kerouac phase of my adolescence when The Basketball Diaries was published. It smacked the idea that hard drugs were somehow glamorous right out of my impressionable noggin. That he went on to have a fluke pop hit was only a bonus. The out-of-print Pools of Mercury from 1998 contains a few conventional songs but I prefer the spoken word bits like "It Goes." Carroll died September 11.

Are the Mars Volta the best live rock band in the world? Maybe. Here's my review of their concert Monday. This rough fan footage of the show is spot-on.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is this 90-disc Yo-Yo Ma box set.

It annoys me when Mac Lethal, a guy I respect and admire as an artist and like as a person, does stuff like this.

Kansas City Click: "Stout Irish rock" band Blaggards play Knuckleheads on Wednesday.

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