Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dub Syndicate- Drainpipe Rats


I was horrified when "Murder She Wrote" revolutionized the reggae scene in the early '90s. It represented everything I loathed about the direction the music was heading. Over fifteen years later, I wholeheartedly embrace the hit. Funny how that happens. One of the men responsible for updating- for better or for worse- the sound of reggae was Wycliffe Johnson, a.k.a. Steely. He died September 1. Here's a partial listing of his credits. And here's one of his typical productions. Steely played keyboards on the out-of-print 1983 album One Way System.

Meeting Laroo was an unexpected bonus at the Jacka's instore Saturday.

I attended Rock the Light last weekend. Here's my review. I was delighted that a Christian rocker captured the amusing schedule for a recent Lil Wayne concert at the same venue.

Kenny Diamondz' TwitPic of last weekend's White Linen Party starring Lyfe Jennings depicts quite a scene.

Even with a lineup that failed to featured a fresh "must-see" act, I had a great time (as always) at the 2009 edition of the Kansas City Irish Festival. If forced to choose, I suppose David Munnelly and his band of merry men were my favorite group.

My friend Michael Byars is the best music trivia player I've encountered. His fine podcast probably has something to do with his encyclopedic skills.

Kansas City Click: I intend to stay back home with my (new) Beatles and my Stones on Tuesday night, so I'll miss the Ruskin Quartet's gig at Chaz.

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