Thursday, November 01, 2007

Peter Green- Honeymoon Blues

Peter Green- The Honeymoon Is Over

A great deal of publicity accompanied the publication of Eric Clapton's autobiography last month. Not to diminish any of Clapton's accomplishments or personal tragedies, but the saga of another British blues guitarist is even more harrowing. Peter Green's brilliant rock star days and recent happy resurgence are encapsulated by two videos. Get past Hefner's idiocy at the Playboy Mansion to see the cracks in Green's psyche becoming visible. And lately Green is playing impressive but somewhat unspectacular trad blues. His 1998 tribute to Robert Johnson is typical.

I don't know why the cool kid music bloggers aren't losing their minds for Fourth of July. The Lawrence, KS, band offer outstanding post-Pavement melodic jangle and impeccable hipster cred. They can be sweet and goofy. Tim Finn wrote a profile of band member Adrianne Verhoeven for today's Star.

Kansas City Click: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals open for Gov't Mule tonight at the VooDoo.

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