Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Edgar Winter- Treacherous Love

The danger has passed.

My previous post was the 500th entry at There Stands the Glass. Since the site's inception 24 months ago, I've never featured the same artist twice (excepting Porter Wagoner, who I spotlighted in a duet with Dolly Parton in June 2006 and upon news of his death last week). My self-imposed rule of never using material among Amazon's top 20,000 sellers has been broken only at the explicit request of labels and artists and when James Brown passed away. I've almost always written about music that I consider excellent. Until today. In acknowledgment of my dubious achievement, I'll willfully feature something truly wretched. I respect Edgar Winter. I even went to see him perform this summer. But man, Mission Earth is surely one of the worst albums ever released by a significant rock artist. The 1986 "collaboration" with the late L. Ron Hubbard is a fascinating case study in awfulness. "Treacherous Love" is the rock opera's best song, and everything about it is horrifying. Bonus points for the absurd album cover.

I've never been much of a Jay-Z guy, so I bought American Gangster with low expectations. I can't believe I'm writing this: it's great.

Jazz Times reports that trumpeter Donald Ayler, Albert's younger brother, died in October.

Kansas City Click: I'm considering subjecting myself to what's arguably the best heavy rock tour of the year tonight- Otep, Hellyeah and Blood Simple are at the Uptown.

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