Friday, November 30, 2007

Clyde McPhatter- Three Thirty Three


"You get a chance to mix with everybody/Nobody seems to care... Good times/Cheap wine/Young chicks/So fine... All shapes and sizes of women/Pulling on your sleeve...You'll get juiced/You'll have fun/Doing things you've never done." Now that's what I call a great lyric! Toss in the brilliant voice of Clyde McPhatter, a honking solo by an anonymous saxophonist and perfect backing harmony vocals and it becomes one of the greatest pop songs ever. The 1954 date was actually released under the Drifters name. It can be found on the marvelous The Forgotten Angel compilation.

Snoop, I realize that the quality of your musical output has never been consistent, but I feel obligated to let you know that I was deeply embarrassed for you when I heard "Sensual Seduction" on the radio last night. Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" is no longer the worst song of 2007. I will admit, however, that the video is awe-inspiring.

Kansas City Click: Paddy Keenan plays pipes tonight at the Irish Museum in Union Station. You just know that'll be a blast.

The triple bill of Electric Six, Willowz and We Are the Fury promises to be one of the best rock shows of the year. It's Saturday at the Record Bar.

I'm still haunted by memories of the stunning Trio Mediaeval concert I saw last year. They return to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Sunday.


bgo said...

Regarding the sax player on the Drifters side: Budd Johnson. Saw him play with Jay McShann just days before he died at the Signboard Lounge, long closed and housed in Crown Center. Even shook old Budd's hand as Mr. McShann introduced us. Memorable? Damn straight.

Happy In Bag said...

That's amazin', BGO. Thanks!