Monday, November 05, 2007

The Love Unlimited Orchestra- Always Thinking of You


As I stood in line waiting to enter Isaac Hayes' Friday night show, I noticed that a woman resembling "Mama" was engaged in an intense conversation with Bobby Rush's dopppelganger. (Best video ever, by the way.) I had to listen in. The woman had been comped her ticket, but she had no idea who Hayes was, and she was starting to get a little nervous about the composition of the audience. "Well," the Bobby Rush guy explained, "Isaac Hayes is kind of like Barry White." That didn't help "Mama," and I don't know if she liked the show. I did; my review is here. And as much as I also love Barry White's hits, orchestral soul doesn't get much better than White Gold, the 1974 release by his primary side project.

Back when Kansas City had a handful of outstanding record stores, Saul Tucker was one of the characters who made them great. I hadn't seen him for well over a year, but he popped up ESPN on Saturday.

Kansas City Click: Mr. Garth Brooks begins his extended run at the Sprint Center tonight.

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