Monday, November 12, 2007

Conjunto Agua Azul- Las Isabeles

Dried up.

Let's hear it for perseverance. With their twelfth album, Conjunto Agua Azul finally has a national hit on the norteno circuit with "El Diccionario". I love the chaotic celebration of their 2002 En Vivo. It's exactly how all live albums should sound.

I'll admit that Regina Spektor buckled my knees a couple times last night. My review is here.

I know at least of couple of There Stands the Glass readers plan on driving from Kansas City to Lawrence tomorrow night for the Hold Steady/Art Brut show. Since I'm not drinking, let me know if you'd like me to be your driver. I could pick you up at a nearby bar, or if you're planning on a truly massive night, just park at my home and crash in my basement after the show. You derelicts know who you are.

Kansas City Click: MmmBop! Hanson is at the Beaumont tonight.

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