Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buddy Guy- The Dollar Done Fell


A few years before he was reconfigured into his current incarnation as a legendary "bloozeman," Buddy Guy made several tough recordings for the British JSP label. They're not life-chaning documents on the level of Hoodoo Man Blues, but they're essential for anyone wanting to know the man's whole story. This set, which includes the harrowing live 1979 session featured here, is the handiest way to go.

The triple bill of The Hold Steady, Art Brut and 1990s is surely one of the most inspired I've witnessed. My review of last night's event is here.

New local post-screamo supergroup Paper Cities sounds stupefying. I can't wait to see them.

Kansas City Click: Try requesting "The Dollar Done Fell" at Buddy Guy's show tonight at the Voodoo.


Anonymous said...

The Hold Steady/Art Brut show was here just a few weeks ago. Seattle's not a college town, but seeing them on the UW campus made it feel college-y, somehow. A little woozy. Drunk on words, maybe.

Here's my weirdest photo:

Happy In Bag said...

Creepy, BD! Do you mind if I "borrow" some of your images for my jazz blog? The "drugs" photo is especially compelling.

Anonymous said...

I'd be honored. Help yourself.