Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tommy Olivencia- Mujeres Como Tu

End credits

You can have Transformers. Take Hairspray. The only new movie I really want to see this summer is El Cantante. It looks to have all the necessary ingredients to satisfy me- an underdog's struggle, plenty of salsa, and J-Lo's... well, you know. I've been listening to a lot of vintage salsa accordingly. Although he didn't record for Fania, Tommy Olivencia 's rise to stardom occurred during the same era. This ebullient song is from the out-of-print 10 Exitos. This video captures a vibrant moment, even if Olivencia's head is obscured by a logo through much of it.

Of this week's new releases, it was a compilation that inspired the most self-examination. With the possible exceptions of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, all 18 of these songs turn my stomach. Each was, in fact, a monster hit, and through osmosis I know every one of them. Am I lacking an irony gene? And how will I react when this collection is playing at the next neighborhood barbecue?

Kansas City Click: Art Garfunkel croons at the Folly Theater.

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Don't Need Anything said...

i am entirely with you on the monsters of rock cd, except i dont even listen to lita. it is the cd that gets stuck in a cd player that i cant turn off in my nightmares.