Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Astor Piazzolla- Muerte del Angel

Flew away.

Local journalist Sylvia Maria Gross filed an excellent report on the state of post-Piazzolla tango in the United States. It made me feel less guilty about not attending area shows. Dancers dominate the scene, frustrating serious musicians like Beau Bledsoe. It'd be quite a feat to dance to "Muerte del Angel." It's from an out-of-print recording of a 1984 concert.

Brace yourself for the Fourth of July. The Lawrence, Kansas, band makes exactly the sort of perfect indie-pop idealized by most music bloggers. Each of the four songs at their MySpace page is worthy of the breathless raves they'll soon be receiving.

Two things struck me as I listened to Modern Times last night with the All-Star Game on mute. I can't believe I ranked it so low on my 2006 best-of list. It's first-rate Dylan. And secondly, it compliments baseball beautifully. Ichiro!

Kansas City Click: The Old 97's and The Drams are at Crossroads tonight.

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