Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lagbaja- Gengen


My globetrotting friend M. lent me a few discs he picked up in Nigeria. We is available domestically in a more attractive package. I love the way in which Lagbaja brings Fela's sound into the new millennium. And at moments, "Gengen" sounds like Bootsy Collins playing "Jungle Boogie" backwards. It's clear that the band is also reworking "Genius of Love." Go figure. A thorough press release about Lagbaja accompanies this YouTube video.

I immediately searched for this video when I heard that Tom Snyder had died. I recall catching this episode when it first aired. The Clash were easily my favorite band at the time, and I was in awe of everything they did. Yet looking at this now, they were, in Snyder's word, "pious."

Kansas City Click: How many people discovered rockabilly via the Stray Cats? Imagine how many fewer Eddie Cochran albums would have sold if the they'd never come along. The trio plays at the Uptown tonight.

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